Leading EDG is a network of resources with the goal of developing entrepreneurs and strengthening small businesses. We utilize a network of strategic alliances with an A-list team that includes experts in financial management, sales training, business coaching, intellectual property, social media, and more.




Spencer McElhannon - Facilitator


Spencer has been an entrepreneur for the past 25 years. His background includes experience in light manufacturing, personal and professional services, technology, oil & gas, and agriculture. Over the past two decades, Spencer has built businesses in Texas, Colorado, New York, Tennessee, California and the Eastern Caribbean. Spencer, along with two partners, was recognized by INC. Magazine as one of the "INC. 500" - a national ranking of the 500 fasting growing private companies in America. Spencer is a graduate of Baylor University.






Odis Dolton - Facilitator


Odis could be described as entrepreneur, athlete, leader and coach. After spending three years playing professional baseball for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Cincinnati Reds, he returned home to West Texas to pursue his education. Odis graduated from Abilene Christian University with 3 degrees: International Business Management, Marketing and Communications.


 Odis ran three small businesses during his college career in order to pay for his education. Running small businesses while pursuing an education taught Odis the value of hard work and sacrifice in order to achieve success. He was able to employ his sales, customer service, management, consulting, training, and leadership skills in each of the businesses as well as build a solid foundation of consistent customer service and customer loyalty.






Matty McLain - Facilitator


Matty has a background that includes sales, online business, guerrilla marketing, operations management, and business start-ups. Matty graduated from the University of North Texas where he studied Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. He is a small business owner and has experience in a variety of industries including fundraising, electronics recycling, wholesale baking, and consulting.